2 year old bulls for sale later this year.

Please get in touch if you would like to be sent further information about their sale.

As the cattle business moves into the 21st Century things are changing.

Price is volatile and trending downwards and there are the new challenges of operating in an unprotected world market along with competition from many other sources of cheap protein.

In this moment of change we also face a huge PR challenge – it has never been more important for us to communicate the genuine environmental benefits of proper Stewardship of the land with cattle. Green-wash won’t wash.

Whether we like these developments or not they are a reality. If we do not adjust to this new reality then things will only get tougher. 

Our bulls never see grain. We test them as much as we test the cows in our herd. It is the 12 months following weaning that we really find out about our Bulls.

They might wean heavy but it’s how they come through their first winter with no milk that tells us about their maintenance requirements.


Eddard and Kaiser are Half Brothers and are about the biggest full native Angus Bulls you can find. They go back to the famous bull Evesund of Dupplin “The great fixer of Udders” on the paternal side.

Sometimes the native Angus are criticised for being too small “belt buckle cattle” but we find that this line carries more frame and produces an ideal moderate frame cow. Ideal for reducing frame size on larger, high maintenance cows but still carrying plenty of quality.

Eddard is one of the very few Red Native Angus Bulls alive in the world today. He is a unique genetic package and having his half brother here as well gives us an opportunity to concentrate these genetics in our herd.

"Rob was very approachable and knowledge about the type of genetics we were looking for. The bull has done the job perfectly, is easy to handle, and has produced consistent strong calves. We are very much looking forward to seeing the results as they grow. Rob has kept in touch, having a genuine interest in the bulls progress and his progeny." 

IMG_4920 2.jpg
IMG_4914 2.jpg


Above is  full native Angus bull Kaiser, who is currently running with a group of 30 heifers, concentrating the native Angus genetics further in the herd.

We continue to breed for fertility, longevity and forage utilisation.  


Heifers scanned 96.77% in calf over a 60 day period, with 90% in the first cycle.  



Above are some photos of the 2020 born bull calves, outwintering with the main herd.

Sired by Red Eddard and Kaiser, these bull calves are from top quality native Angus genetics.

The calves will be weaned in March, allowing full development of the rumen, resulting in increased utilisation of forage.

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